Glassware makes a great gift because it’s useful and it’s not necessarily something we’d buy for ourselves. Our beer and wine glasses make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, graduations and other occasions. Learn more about your glassware options to make shopping super simple.

Beer Glasses

Whether you drink from kegs at home or you simply like to pour your beer out of the bottle or can for a bit of a refined drinking approach, a set of matching beer glasses is a nice gift to get. If you’re shopping for a beer enthusiast, you have a few glassware options to consider.


Beer mugs offer a hearty, large-capacity vessel for drinking beer, soda and any number of other beverages you can think of. There’s something particularly enjoyable about hefting a large beverage by its handle, and that weighty construction also helps beer mugs retain cold temperatures for longer.

Pilsner Glass 

Pilsner glasses don’t have handles, and they’re also usually smaller than mugs, making them suitable for those who like a more formal table setting or who tend to drink smaller quantities of beer or cider at one time. The distinctive curved shape of a pilsner glass allows for bubble retention and the preservation of a head of foam on top of your beer.


Wine Glasses

Though some people choose wine glasses based on what kind of wine they’re drinking, for most of us, this isn’t as much of a concern. Still, it does make sense to follow some basic rules as you choose which wine glasses you want to buy as gifts.

Stemmed Goblets

Stemmed wine goblets have two primary parts: the bowl and the stem. The bowl is the “cup” part of the glass and the stem is the support that attaches to the bowl. When you drink from a stemmed wine goblet, you’re technically supposed to hold the stem rather than the bowl. That way, the heat from the hand doesn’t warm the wine in the glass.

Stemless Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are more casual and a bit more versatile as well. People who are less by-the-book about their wine drinking tend to hold their wine glasses by the bowl anyway, so why bother with the stem? These glasses have a modern flair that makes them suitable for serving cocktails, water and other beverages as well.


Often referred to as toasting flutes or champagne flutes, these tall, thin wine glasses are specifically designed for sparkling wine, champagne and other effervescent wines. These glasses’ signature shape helps to preserve bubbles. Rather than letting oxygen in, which is the goal for most other wine glasses, flutes want to keep oxygen out for the most part in order to keep the carbon dioxide bubbles of champagne and other sparkling wines intact.

Now that you know what each glassware type offers, you can pick out the perfect gift for all the beverage and entertaining enthusiasts in your life. Many of our glassware options come with free personalization options too, helping to make your gift extra meaningful.