With the winter holidays creeping up around the corner, it’s time to get thoughtful about how you’ll present gifts to your loved ones. Use this advice to make your gift presentations amazing, whether you’re giving a personalized mug or a customized throw pillow.


1. Make it Homemade


You don’t need to go to the store to get beautifully designed gift wrap. You can use markers, paint, stamps or stickers to make your own holiday wrapping paper designs. Get creative and dream up some amazing new patterns to draw, paint or stamp on a long, thin sheet of paper. When it’s dry, you can cut and fold the paper to wrap your gifts!


2. Go for Dramatic Contrast


Lots of holiday gift wrap uses multiple different colors, usually with a heavy emphasis on red and green. Think outside the box this year and opt for subtly sophisticated gift wrapping that nods at tradition while drawing heavily from modern design. White glossy gift wrapping paper is an ideal base for this approach, and you can top it off with a beautiful deep or green red velvet bow for the perfect finishing touch. The contrast not only between the white and the vivid holiday color but also between the texture of the glossy wrap and the bow will be very elegant.


3. Embrace Rustic Style


Many people use gilded and brightly colored wrappings for their Christmas gifts, which means that going in the opposite direction can actually help your presents stand out. Brown butcher paper, twine, burlap and other rustic materials can actually look quite nice when they’re styled properly for gift wrapping. You can include details like a colored metallic jingle bell or homemade felt holly bunch on the gift to add a pop of color or embellishment and further elevate your unique gift wrap.


4. Upcycle Your Materials


You don’t have to stick to actual gift wrap to make an amazing gift presentation for your friends and loved ones. Get creative and check out some tutorials to learn how to make bows out of sheet music and adorably shaped gift tags out of cereal boxes, or simply brainstorm your own ideas. Consider using materials like wallpaper, newspaper, vintage Christmas cards, Christmas tree ornaments or clean candy wrappers to create unique wrappings for all your gifts.


5. Choose a Reusable Gift Wrap


From Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloths to personalized tote bags and decorative tins, there are lots of different reusable gift wrap options to consider this holiday season. Choose wisely and your gift wrap can serve as an extra component in the gift! This means considering what the gift recipient likes in terms of color and style in addition to choosing a reusable wrapping material that’s actually big enough to hold the item inside.


Now that you’ve got your gift wrap ideas all set, it’s time to find presents to wrap. Browse our gift selections to find just the right items for everyone on your list.