No matter what the motivation, the last parts of the calendar year inspire gift giving all around the world. It’s natural to want to treat your loved ones and give them something special, but it’s not always possible to stretch your budget and get something amazing for everyone on your list. These tips make it easier to get great gifts for all of your important friends and family members.


Look for Free Shipping Discounts 

Shipping charges can make online gift shopping more difficult. It’s often hard to know exactly what it’s all going to cost, and that means you can spend time carefully picking out gifts only to find that in the end, the shipping charge puts you way over budget. Avoid this issue by shopping with an online merchant who offers free shipping. Say it With a Gift offers free shipping for all purchases above a certain amount. Set your national currency to find out what your free shipping amount is so you can shop freely and stay on top of how much you’re spending.


Seek Out Affordable Items With a Personal Twist

Gifts that address the recipient directly feel more thoughtful, and customizable items are the perfect way to direct this kind of personal attention to each gift recipient on your list. Say it With a Gift offers several different personalized options that you can customize with a name, message or other inscription for your recipient. Our personalizing services are included in the price with most of our items, keeping these special gift items within your budget.

 Having customized inscriptions on a gift does make them more special, but it is still important to select something that the recipient will use. Think about what the people on your list like to do. If they’re beer drinkers, you can get them personalized beer mugs or pilsner glasses. If they like jewelry, you can get a personalized jewelry box. Thinking about individual wants and needs like this takes the personal angle of the gift to a new height.


Pair an Inexpensive Item With a Homemade Treat 

You don’t need to buy a big, fancy gift to make a big impact. This is true for everyone, even the people on your list who seem to have it all. Something simple and inexpensive, like a personalized coffee mug, paired with homemade hot cocoa mix or a tin of handmade biscuits, can satisfy just about anyone. Your friends and loved ones will always remember your sweet gift whenever they drink from it in the future.

This combo-gift idea doesn’t have to be focused on food. You can pair a jewelry box with a pair of handmade earrings or print out a fun photo and frame it for a friend. Get creative with your pairings to suit everyone’s individual tastes. For example, if you have a health-conscious friend, you can give him or her a coffee mug with a bag of baked granola you mixed up without added sugar or fat.