Say it With a Gift’s personalized tote bags are custom printed and beautifully designed, making them a great item to give in a variety of different situations. Consider these five occasions to get inspired and find more ways to give thoughtful personalized gifts.


1. Wedding Welcome Bags

Modern weddings are often multi-day events that see groups of family and friends from all over the world come together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the couple at the center of it all. Destination weddings especially often call for several days of organized group events. If your wedding is a two-, three- or four-day event (or more!), use personalized totes to create welcome bags for all your guests. Include any necessary supplies for your destination along with printouts of important information such as event schedules and venue addresses. 

2. School Graduations 

If someone you know is graduating from school or university soon, consider giving a tote bag filled with important supplies for their next step in life. Kids who are off to university can use the tote bag itself as a bag for all their school supplies, while those who are entering the business world can use their tote to bring lunch and other personal items to the office.

3. Birthday Party Favors 

The best birthday party favors are useful and helps the attendee remember the event fondly. Tote bags that say something about the birthday can serve this purpose quite well, and you don’t even have to fill the bags with anything if you don’t want to. If you do choose to fill the bags, choose things that match with the party theme to keep the favor cohesive. This is a great solution for adult and child birthdays alike, though you’ll want to adjust the look of the tote and any party favor contents inside accordingly. 

4. Kids’ Birthdays 

Kids love getting to open gifts, and they tend to not mind much whether their presents are really meaningful as long as they’re fun and exciting. Unwrapping a personalized tote bag filled with little toys, candy and other small gifts can be a very fun experience for the birthday boy or girl, and best of all, the bag itself is part of the gift. The child can then use the bag for sleepovers, after-school sports and other activities. 

5. Group Gift-Giving

Tote bags stuffed with goodies like snacks, books and t-shirts make a great gift for any occasion, especially in a group setting. Order a personalized tote for every person in the group, either with each individual name printed on a bag or some group identifier, like the name of your company, church or club. This group-tote gift is also suitable for family reunions and school class reunions as well.

Feeling inspired by our tote bags? Don’t stop with these five occasions. Come up with your own perfect gift using a Say it With a Gift tote bag as the container.