Our beautiful personalized wine goblets and toasting flutes make excellent drinking glasses, but they can do so much more. Use these ideas to bring some versatility to your glassware collection or present wine glasses to recipients who don’t drink alcohol.

Dessert Serving 

The elegant stemmed shape and clear crystal transparency of a wine glass creates an ideal container for creamy desserts. Chocolate mousse and or ice cream, for example, look wonderful when piped or spooned into a wine glass. Presentation is key, since you’ll be able to see the sides of your dessert from top to bottom. Consider trying a layered dessert, such as a parfait, with layers of fruit and custard or mousse with whipped cream. 

Champagne flutes can also make a great vessel for a dessert, though opting for a recipe that doesn’t require a spoon is best. Champagne sorbet cocktails are a good idea, especially because these recipes can easily be adapted for those who don’t drink alcohol by substituting another delicate, fizzy beverage such as sparkling apple cider for the wine.

Keepsake Displays 

The same presentational advantages that make wine glasses so great for desserts also makes them an excellent choice for displaying little keepsakes. From dried rose petals from the aisle to sand and seashells from the beach, you can use personalized wine glasses to create a little decorative arrangement of physical memories from your wedding day. You can also collect treasures such as beach glass or matchbooks from a special vacation you want to remember forever. Any small item you can think of can get a pretty presentation with a custom engraved wine glass.

Air Plant Terrarium

Wine glasses are also awesome containers for air plants, those on-trend little leafy bundles that are super easy to maintain. Air plants need plenty of sun and exposure to air so they can dry out between water baths, and a wine glass is the perfect mini terrarium container to allow for both. You can simply place the air plant in the glass, or you can take it a step further and dress it up a bit.

Use layers of colored sand to make a base for the plant, then add little decorations to make it look even nicer. Tiny gemstone crystals, little fairy garden figurines or found river rocks all make great decor for a mini air plant terrarium. It’s best if you can build up the base of the glass a little bit to give the plant a dry surface to sit on and lift it up a bit from the bottom of the goblet. This will give the little plant maximum exposure to air and help boost its chances of living a long and happy life. 

The Say it With a Gift glassware collection offers several great options for unconventional wine glass usage. Stemmed wine glasses and champagne flutes tend to create the most elegant displays, and you’ll have your pick of several custom engraving options for both.